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John Askew is without doubt one of the hottest tech/trance producer/djs in the world. Over the last decade his productions and remixes have seen massive support from Eddie Halliwell, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk who has employed John”s remix skills repeatedly on his highly respected Vandit label.

After the huge successes of his singles “Vellum”, “The Door” and “New Dimension” and “Chime”, John has gone on to deliver a catalogue of big singles including the recent hits “Nothing Left Between Us”, “Fade to Black”, “Bored of You, Bored of Me” and most recently “Vandalism”.
His debut artist album “Lower the Tone” (released in 2006) received massive acclaim in the press and within 4 weeks of its release was completely sold out – a testament to John”s die hard fan base.
As a remixer John has worked for numerous high profile labels including Vandit, Captivating Sounds, Euphonic, Afterglow Records, Duty Free, Ministry of Sound, Monster Records, Flux Delux, Conspiracy, Moodmusic and Fenology.
In 2007 John joined forces with John O”Callaghan under the alias “Cartel” and created two massive singles for Armin”s Captivating Sounds label titled “Buenos Aries” and “Moments”.

In the past 3 years John has played on all the far corners of the globe including: North America, Canada, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Egypt, Germany, The Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Greece, Ukraine, Georgia, and of course all over the UK.

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Length – 01:10:14

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