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Since a very young age, Fots has been interested in music of many genres. He begun formal piano lessons at 14 years of age and continued for around five years. During this time, he sat several formal music exams with ANZCA and performed at live events.
One of the big influences on his musical taste while learning piano was a radio show known as Club Cow. This aired weekly and played the newest and greatest trance tunes. After listening to it extensively, Fots decided to get into music production.

Some of the artists influencing Fots at this time were Paul van Dyk, BT, Matt Darey and Ferry Corsten. For the last few years, Fots has been producing trance basing it on concepts from classical music. With a new generation of trance music, it was decided to start something new and fresh. Something that concentrated on the raw aspects of trance, like hard bass lines and hard beats.
Sonic Element was started in August 2007 and will be the name used for all future productions put together by Fots. The music begins with the first Sonic Element track titled “Away Without You”.

01. Juventa & Answer 42 – Like These Eyes (Juventa Remix)
02. Activa – My Way Out (Sonic Element Remix)
03. John Dopping – Armageddon (Original Mix)
04. Day Din – Chicken or Beef (Original Mix)
05. Jordan Suckley – Prisoner (Thomas Datt Remix)
06. Jan Johnston & Tenishia – As It Should (Haris C Remix)
07. Mr. Pit – River of Hearts (Ben Gold Remix)
08. Ferrin & Morris & Sequentia – Polarity (Original Mix)
09. Nyx – For All We Know (John Dopping Remix)
10. BT – Mercury And Solace (Reach Out) (BT’s Vocal Mix)

File Size – 104.3 MB
Length – 01:00:43

Download here

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